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House Cleaning


Has life got you busy?  We can relate and are here to help. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one-time deep cleaning, so when you come home you can spend time doing what matters to you most.

After Party Cleaning


A celebratration is so much fun, but it can leave alot of work to do when your guests all leave. We are here to clean up everything for you so you can keep rockin.


Move In/Out Cleaning


Moving into your new home can be exciting. It can also leave you a little stressed and tired. We can help lighten the load with cleaning up and making your new home feel like yours.


Moving out of your rental? We've got you covered. We will come in and clean up everything to "like new", to help ensure you receive most or all of your damage deposit back where it deserves to be... in your pocket.

Additional Services

Laundry Wash, Dry and Fold


Is your laundry piling up? just give us a heads up, leave it out for us, and we will be glad to get it done for you!


Inside Cabinets


We will be glad to wipe out the grime that hides inside your cupboards.


Inside Fridge


Wondering how all of a sudden inside your fridge is more colorful then the rainbow? We will be happy to get it back to normal in no time.


Carpet Cleaning


Do you need  your carpets cleaned but dont want to pay the somtimes large minimum that carpet companies can charge? We are here to shampoo your carpeted areas with the same care and detail you expect from us! We even do stairs!

Commercial Office Cleaning


We will come make your office nice and polished for you to work in.

Deep Cleaning


Got alot of dust or cobwebs? We will be happy to come and clean your house from top to bottom. We will get under and over everything to ensure your house is as clean as can be.

Post Construction


Renovating or just finished building your new home? We offer post construction clean up as well. We will ensure there is no drywall and saw dust to get in the way of you enjoying your new space.


Flat Rated Cleaning


On a buget or just very intuned with your expenses? Just provide us with some deatils about your home and we will be glad to offer you one low rate each time you need service. No surprises just a nice clean home

Inside Oven


We do not clean the inside of your oven on a regular clean. We will definiatly book extra time for you if your oven is needing cleaning from the inside out


Interior Walls


Spot washing walls is a standard for our clients regular cleans. We do offer washing your full walls from top to bottom apon request.


Interior Windows


We will make your windows clear for the sun to shine in.


*Currently we do not offer extiror window washing

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